Saturday, March 31, 2007

300 Seconds

I've wanted to start a blog, ever since Daisy and Shayne sort of forced me into it...but as I started filling out the information page, I felt like I couldn't commit to a title yet. I have been back and forth, trying to come up with something other than "Emily's Blog" without trying to be too clever or artistic (two things, of which I'm not). Dustin (my husband) is completely against the idea and, as for now, is completely unaware of my efforts (so don't tell him). He thinks that blogging is a complete waste of time and probably has some Glen Beck quote to back him up. I just kept thinking that if I just had five minutes a week to spend on it...I think that it could potentially become what I need it to be: a journal that wants for more writing. I mean the idea of a public journal to keep nagging at you is probably the motivation that I need to chronicle my days.

Anyway, Lily, inadvertently, helped me with my title. Yesterday she, Canyon, and Alice were playing outside close to bedtime and I gave them the five minute warning. Immediately Lily began bargaining:
"Come on, ten more minutes!"
Me, "Five."
Lily, "Seven."
Me, "Five."
Lily, "Six."
Me, "Zero."
Lily, "Fine, five more minutes." She left with a huff and as she SLAMMED the door, she commented under her breath, very loudly, "I can't believe I only have 300 seconds to play outside!"
So that's it, all I need for this blog is 300 seconds a week (maybe more, maybe less).