Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring Break?

I know, I know…you’ve all been waiting. Needless to say, Disneyland was great. Alice enjoyed the princesses, Canyon spent a total of four hours on “what was formerly known as Tom Sawyer Island and is now called Pirate’s lair,” Lily went on every ride a dozen times, except ‘Screamin’—despite multiple harassing comments from her dad and uncles, Jane really just liked being outside and taking naps in the stroller and people watching in the lines, I liked the dinner we had at “Club 33”—the secret, exclusive restaurant in Disneyland (mainly because we went sans kids), and Dustin liked getting wet on Splash Mountain and Grizzly run rapids. I’d love to post some of the pictures that we took—but my iphoto needs some housecleaning and I just haven’t done it yet. Just know that we have hundreds of darling pictures of children with characters, on rides, and screaming to go back to the hotel.

We are settling into spring break fairly well, we went to Santa Cruz for a little beach time and froze…Jane and Alice didn’t seem to mind, though, they wouldn’t stay out of the waves for anything. We’re sort of bummed that it’s been so cold here this week, because we’re ready to be out in the SUN. We’re out anyway, it’s just cold, windy, and foggy.

Oh, by the way, Dustin got a jeep. It seats four people and is EXTREMELY practical for our family, you never know when we’ll need to drive off-road with only half of our family.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Disneyland Anticipation

Alice's "Disneyland" The Livermore Public Library

I know, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted and I have lots of excuses…but I don’t want to bore you because I have something much more exciting to talk about: Disneyland. We go to Disneyland once a year and, of course—as with Christmas, the anticipation of the trip is almost as good as the trip itself. I am particularly excited this year because we have one child who will CRAP her pants. And, as many of you who read my blog know, this is no joke. She really will crap her pants at some point (we’re still working on that aspect of potty training). All literal allegations of that sentence aside, and she really is going to FREAK out. Alice or “Alice in Whineyland,” as we lovingly refer to her is at that stage where she believes everything she sees and will absolutely believe that the princesses stationed at Disneyland are the ACTUAL princesses. This will be awesome to watch…so if you’re coming with us, hitch yourself to the Alice wagon.

This trip will also be funny because, up till now, Alice (not remembering the trip last year) actually believes that the Library is Disneyland. No kidding. Every time we drive by or go to the library, she’s like: “There’s Disneyland.” Wow. She’ll be in for a real treat when she sees that the Disneyland is not the Livermore Library (which, in and of itself is a wonderful place) but an actual theme park with castles and rides.

So, even though I just took an enormous blog vacation…I’m taking another. It will be worth it this time, though, because I’ll have this amazingly long and boring travel narrative to get through…and, of course, delightful photos of my darling, intelligent, and extremely well-behaved children. And gosh darn it, I’m going to say to my whiney tired brood, screaming in complete exasperation, as I’ve heard so many parents at Disneyland repeat: “You’re going to have fun, whether you like it or not.”