Monday, January 31, 2011

Ahem. Public Apology #1.

Dear Lisa,

Remember when you got a kindle way back when they were shiny spanking new? And I would make fun of you. And you would tell me that it was so cool because when you were sitting in the carpool line at school waiting for your kids, you could just whip it out and read. Or if you were at the dentist waiting to go in, you could pull it out of your purse and read. Or if you were sitting at baseball or basketball or scouts, waiting for your kids to finish…you could open your purse, grab it and read. Remember that?

And I would say, with sarcasm dripping down my chin, “Yeah. Like a book.”

Remember how rude I was.

Then, remember how you gave me your very first shiny new kindle for my birthday because you got a shinier, newer kindle for Christmas?

And I was like, “Cool.” But didn’t even try to hide the, I’m way cooler than this, I’m going to go read my twenty pound Chaucer anthology now, voice. Remember that?

Well. I’ve had that shiny new kindle now for 31 days and, guess what? I LOVE IT. I can’t even begin to describe in words how much I love that kindle. I am so sorry for all of my snarky, snobby remarks.

I thought I was being a defender of paper and proper reading habits. Really, I was just unrealistic.

I LOVE the classics I can get for free. I love the chance to ‘free sample’ a book before I buy (or not buy) it. I LOVE that I can have a book that I really, really want in thirty seconds.

So I’m only going to say this once. You were right. I was wrong.

I bow down and worship you. Thank you for the kindle.

Your BKFF (Best Kindle Friend Forever),


Monday, January 17, 2011


Jane's peeking out from under Alice's arm.
I know it looks great, but it's colder than it looks.

Hasn't January felt long. It seems like we've been in January for three months now and it's not even close to over yet.

The good news for us is that occasionally we get some sun. The kids get a little overly excited and throw on summer clothes, but how can I argue with that? At least they're outside.