Monday, July 30, 2007

Lake Tahoe

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated…it’s been a pretty crazy summer so far and it seems as though it’s beginning to slow down a tiny bit. It’s funny, I had these visions of this great laid-back summer where we spent the mornings at the library and the afternoons reading under the ceiling fan…maybe next week.

Our big vacation for the summer was camping at Tahoe. We’ve been home now for a couple of weeks…but I must say it was the most exhausting and the most beautiful and amazing time. I LOVE Tahoe. I have spent the last few weeks trying to figure out how we could just move there and live year round. We spent the week at Livermore’s campground—Camp Shelly, the best little campground in the world (that is not an overstatement). We went with a bunch of friends and family and ate really well, played really hard, chased and listened to other people chasing away a mama bear and her cubs, not one, or two, but three nights in a row. We ate homemade ice-cream with the rangers, played volleyball vs. Camp Concord, some of us attempted to summit Mt. Tallac (too many kids attempting), went swimming early in the morning before breakfast, waterskiiers, and the warmth of the sun (let me just say that those morning swims were breathtaking in more than one way), rode bikes, swam, dove off of piers, played in the sand at the beach and the dirt in camp, ate…let’s see, am I forgetting something? Anyway, we had a great time. And even though I’m a bit hampered right now with two babies…these little trips are worth the hardship.

So meet us there next year—same time, same place.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Noah's Grandma

We had a great 4th of July celebration. Since we can see the fireworks from our backyard, we enjoy hosting a big BBQ/fireworks extravaganza. We have done it since we moved into the house and we love it. Each year we have more people come and more great food and more great fun. I also enjoy it because we can just put the babies to bed and still have a great time. We set up volleyball (of course) and had lots of yummy appetizers…but the best part of the food was Jeremy’s contribution. True to our recent mountain man obsession (thanks to papa Steve, please check the family blog for details), Jeremy was able to provide a roasted lamb. Now, just in case you’re not really impressed…let me supply you with details. Jeremy got a sheep from the man down the street and a few days ago, he took it to the back of the property and promptly killed and skinned it. No small feat in my mind. When asked if it was hard to kill the sheep Jeremy responded that it was definitely was the hardest part of the process and that he can certainly understand why Native Americans would’ve prayed over the animals that they killed. Apparently skinning and gutting the sheep was a piece of cake.

Wait, if you are now duly impressed…it gets better. Prior to the butchering Jeremy built an alter (if you will) to roast the sheep on…out of old bricks and then rigged up a somewhat complicated spit out of scaffolding and chicken wire (I really need to post some pictures to do it justice). So on the morning of our nations day of Independence, Jeremy came over bright and early with lamb, garlic, oil, and began roasting the sheep…it cooked for eight or so hours and smelled—delicious. It was super hot that day and so we tried to stay cool, but a really hot day out here makes for a fantastic night. So, it was perfect and the lamb was yummo. The great view of the fireworks ended the evening and we all went to bed exhausted, but happy.

On a different note, this morning I lost track of Canyon and Alice and after searching all over finally found them out in the back playing in Jeremy’s fishing boat. They both had cowboy hats on and Alice had her stroller. I asked Canyon what they were doing and he said: “We’re playing Noah’s ark. Alice is Noah’s grandma and I’m Noah’s ark.” Alice simply responded with a “yep.” Sometimes I want to capture them just as they are and never let them get any bigger.